John Harrison has been focusing on his band Vagabondage lately, but he's been in several shows at the Dark Room (10 Commandments and Young Frankenstein to name a couple). He hopes to one day become a viral internet movie star by doing stupid crap.

Khamara Pettus moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles in the Summer of 2007. While in LA, She trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was in many stage productions and several films. Since moving to San Francisco, she has been in four plays, two short films, several print ads, an English-learning DVD series, and episode of a long-running Japanese television show. She will next be seen in Marin Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in September.

Leaf Nunes spent years honing his thespian skills in living rooms and basements up and down the west coast. From the puckish Hastur Thornbiter, to the dashing Halrec Hildegaard, to the taciturn Damli, Leaf has played a wide range of characters. While frequently typecast as the dwarven or halfling cleric, he has managed to stretch into roles of actual humans periodically, preparing him for his stage debut in this production.

Chris Sellers studied at Reed College. He last appeared in "Zola X," by David Robson, as a crooked (but charming) casino mogul. Next, he plans to retire to the midwestern countryside and draw comics.

Susan Salituro has been acting since junior high, but got sidetracked into computers and only recently began exercising her drama queen instincts again. Her most recent role was as a high-strung film producer in a local staging of Aaron Sorkin's "Hidden in This Picture" (2007). She hopes to hit up more of her friends and co-workers for acting roles in the near future.

Michelle Lai recalls her first childhood theater experience where she played the lead role as the gullible daughter of a farmer who was trying to find her a suitable husband. She has since remained just as gullible, and crossed the country in search of qualified suitors. After attending boarding school in New Hampshire, then studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon, she finally arrived in San Francisco where she has spent the last 5 years as a QA Engineer. This fair maiden now lives in the Mission neighborhood and enjoys taking photos, playing volleyball, and winning board games. This performance will be her debut role as an adult.

Aaron Luk has appeared in two seasons of The Twilight Zone at the Dark Room, as well as David Robson's THE NIGHT and ZOLA-X. This is his playwriting and directorial debut, and he is endlessly thankful to his cast for their miraculous and inspiring efforts on this project.

David Robson holds a degree in theatre from the University of Virginia. His past performances at the Dark Room include CLUE, a couple of seasons of TWILIGHT ZONE, and his own play THE NIGHT. His recent DVD acquisitions include CRACKER: A NEW TERROR (dir. Antonia Bird) and the Criterion edition of Alex Cox's WALKER. Possible future projects include BLANC, THREE WACKY COPS, and other films in the PRUDENCE series.